Our Library Loot - Hervé Tullet Books

The kids and I are huge fans of the Press Here book by Hervé Tullet. We've borrowed it from the library several times. They love interacting with its fun page prompts and guessing what happens next. It inspires them to use their imagination. I particularly love the simplicity of Tullet's hand-done lettering and bright painterly illustrations.


If you haven't seen the Press Here book before check out the video above! www.chroniclebooks.com/presshere

I recently heard that the author was releasing his new book, Mix it Up. About a week or so after the book's release, we happily found it at the library nestled in the "Hot Off The Press" shelf. Score! (Or should I say...Thumbs up...way up!)

The interaction of this book is just as fun as actually mixing paint...minus the messy hands! However, we do enjoy getting messy and having this book intrigues them to experiment again and again with their own finger-paints! Here's a peek at some of the pages!

This is the inside cover spread of Mix It Up.

This is the inside cover spread of Mix It Up.


There are other Hervé Tullet books the kids and I enjoy like The Eyes Game and The Game of Patterns. As I was researching his work for this blog post, I discovered the Press Here game and Doodle Cook book...I'm intrigued to check those out for the kiddos! Have you played that game or read any of his other books? We'd love to hear!


The City Flea - October 2014

We all thought the October City Flea was going to be a cold and damp day but surprisingly it turned out to be a gorgeous (yet brisk) autumn one! Thank you weather gods! Not only was it a beautiful day for the City Flea, but FotoFocus and The Queen Bee Half Marathon were going on downtown that day, too. We love that there's so much going on in Cincy these days!

As always, a HUGE thank you and hugs go out to everyone who stopped by our booth this month! You're support is always appreciated. A special shout-out to our sweet dad who surprised us with a new shop sign he made for us! It looks soooo good and we can't wait to display it at all of our future shows!

Below is our October City Flea re-cap in pictures. It turned out to be a great day! Hope you all are enjoying your little Mixie Studio goodies and hope to see you all again soon!

♥ Lauren & Sara


The City Flea - September 2014

We were blessed with another gorgeous day for The City Flea this past weekend! Again, we wanted to say huge THANK YOU to all of you who stopped by our booth to say hello. It was really nice to see some friends who we haven't seen in a LONG time! For those of you who were returning customers, your support is greatly appreciated. We love you guys and it makes us so happy that you're enjoying your new Beast Buds!!

Here's a little re-cap of the day in pictures. Hope you're having a wonderful first week of fall and see all of you City Flea-ers in October! Check our Events page for details.

❤ Lauren & Sara

Our Library Loot - Hidden Picture Books


We're starting a new blog series called, Our Library Loot. The library is one of my favorite places to take the kids to these days. This is because it's free educational fun and another way to unplug. The kids really enjoy bringing books home for us to read. We love searching for books with great stories, but we also love looking for ones with great illustrations. It's visually fun for the kids and inspiring for me as an artist. In this series, we'll be sharing our favorite books from our library loots...whether it's a certain story, theme, a collection by a particular author or illustrator, we'll be sharing them with you!

In this post, I wanted to share the specific type of book my kids are interested in right now. They are always asking for hidden picture books or "I Spy" books. When I say "I Spy", I am referring to those like Where's Waldo or the I SPY Books by Walter Wick. Besides the books I just mentioned, these three below are their current favorites. We just renewed them for another 20 days! Each title, author and illustrator listed are linked to their source reference. Click through and check them out!

Welcome to Mamoko by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

I love this one because both you and your kiddies get to be the storyteller. There are very limited words to this book so you can create your own story and describe what the characters are doing by what you see! Not to mention the illustrations are pretty amazing, too. We love the whole concept of this book! It's the next one on our list to purchase. Click here to find the book online. I also checked out the writers/illustrators' website and their other books and art are phenomenal. Check them out here. It's fun to listen to the kids say, "Mommy, I want to read Mamoko!" hehehe...Mamoko.


Yoo-Hoo Lady Bug! Written by Mem Fox and Illustrated by Laura Ljungkvist

This book is a simple book in terms of storyline and illustrations, but the kids enjoy reading it over and over. I think it's mostly because saying the phrase, "Yoo-hooooooo Ladybug...where are youuuuuu?" is pretty catchy when trying to look for the ladybug on each page. You can view it on Amazon by clicking here.


Hide and Snake by Keith Baker

This book is super fun! I was pleasantly surprised that the kids had to take their time looking for the snake on each page. I appreciated the artist's attempt to make it a little more difficult rather than so obvious to hide the snake. The sketchy and painterly quality of the illustrations were lovely along with the vibrant use of color and patterns. We definitely recommend checking this one out. You can see more of Keith Baker's work on his website, here.

❤ Lauren

Have you read these before? Do you or your children have a favorite hidden picture or "I Spy" book? Please share, we'd love to hear about them!


The City Flea - August 2014

We're back to selling at The City Flea for the fall season! Showcasing our new products for the first time was so much fun! THANK YOU to all who came by our booth to say hello! We truly appreciate your love, support and feedback. It was a great turnout and thankfully the weather held up. This time last year, the City Flea had about half the vendors they have now. It's exciting to see how much it has grown :) There were so many booths, we didn't get a chance to see them all...I'm hoping to walk around more next month!

We did get asked once or twice about our jewelry and shoes that we sold last year. In case you were wondering, we have decided to put these on hold for the time being. We may bring them back in the future, but for now we are currently focusing on our newest products. We apologize for any confusion and thank you again for hanging in there with us as we transition.

In case you missed out this month, we will be selling again at the September and October markets! See our Events page for details. Below are some of our favorite captures from Saturday's flea market! Enjoy and hope to see ya next month.

♥ Lauren & Sara