Thursday, October 24, 2013

Purple Party!

It took a while for this soon-to-be four year old to decide what theme she wanted to do for her birthday party. Oh the decisions... We were running out of time! Since her favorite color (at the moment) is purple, we thought why not create a party filled with guessed it...PURPLE! When in doubt, go with their favorite color. Thanks sis for the suggestion ;)

The planning for this purple party was easy and super fun! Here are some of the things we did for it.
1.  We started out by grabbing inspiration from the internet and Pinterest, of course. My sister, mom and I created a group board we could all pin to. You can check out our PURPLE PARTY inspiration board here. We didn't end up doing everything from it, we just used this as a place to start from.

2.  For decorations, we bought two different shades of purple table cloths, purple streamers and balloons. We also got a fresh arrangement of purple flowers from our grocery store. They were displayed in a variety of jars to decorate the tables. We even served grape juice in purple party cups and purple Kool Aid Jammers.

3.  We asked everyone to dress up in anything purple. Wigs and mustaches were welcome ;)

4.  I made her a special birthday outfit. We found a patterned shirt and purple leggings from Target to use as a base. Then I dug up some purple scrap fabrics to use for a large number four and flower shape. Heat N Bond was my best friend! I used it as an adhesive to bond the fabrics together and then onto the shirt. All you need is an sewing required! I made little swatches for the bottoms of her pants, as well. She didn't end up wearing the pants...she chose to wear a purple tutu from her dress-up bin. But she has them now to wear for whenever :)

Thanks for the awesome pic, seeter! Photo taken by Sara - @relojomie on instagram :)
5.  My mother created a mini purple cake with letter candles that spelled out her name (per Ellie's request). They decorated it with her cousins. Cupcakes were also made to match. Purple chocolate smiley face lollipops were also made from a mold...perfect for sticking into the cupcakes!

6. The goodie bags were probably our favorite thing to make for the party. We used the same instructions for Martha's pumpkin goody bags to make them. Instead of orange craft bags, we used purple. We also tried to round the bags out to give them more of a grape look. Green wire was added for the vines and a real branch was used to attach them to. We got the leaves from a Martha paper flower kit (on sale from Big Lots) that I had saved from years ago. All of the goodies inside had to be purple, of course! We found a bunch of them from Party City for a great price.

7.  We love having interactive party games for the kids (and adults, too). Below are the ones we chose to play.

Kid game 1: Mystery Gift Passing Game (click link for game source reference) - Taking turns unwrapping the multi-layers of the same gift and making them do an action in between each layer. The prize inside was a bunch of temporary tattoos and various other purple goodies that they all could share.

Kid game 2:
Scavenger hunt for a Playdough goody bag - Several adults were asked to hold a different ingredient for the Playdough. Each kid had to search for the ingredients by asking around for each one. Here's what the our playdough goody bags looked like. My mother made these cute labels for the ingredients and instructions!

Kid game 3: Pick a lollipop for a grape goody bag. - We wrote numbers onto a bunch of lollipops and stuck them into a box. We also numbered each grape goody bag to match. Each kid picked out a lollipop and whatever number they chose, that's the numbered goody bag they received!

Adult game (and older kids): Teamwork Rubberband Stacking Game (click link for game source reference) - We added four strings to each rubberband. There were a total of two for each team of four. Each team member had to grab a string and they all had to pull together to grasp an object. The object of the game was to see which team could stack the blocks the fastest. So fun and hilarious! Look at how serious they are here. Thanks mom for discovering this great game! "What's gonna work...TEEEAMWORK!" hehe

8. We had our easel out with a blank pad of paper and left out only purple crayons, pens and markers. We were somewhat inspired to do this because of the book, Harold and the Purple Crayon. A roll of white paper rolled out on the floor could've been a fun activity, as well.

Hope these party ideas inspire you, if you decide to do a color party for someone. If you have done one before, let us know! We'd love to check it out :)

❤  A huge THANK YOU to my mama and sister for helping out with this party!! 


  1. i loove the grape goody bags!!

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